The goMeter is used by freelancers to log time and write notes to the Work Diary of their hourly contracts. The goMeter also shows you the screenshots that are taken and recorded to your work diary.

Contract Selector: select your contract
On/Off Toggle Button: To start/stop the timer
Contract Refresh: Refreshes the goMeter in case of an issue.

View Work Diary: redirects you to the contract's Work Diary to review your logged time. 

Screenshot: A screenshot that is taken in 10-minute intervals. You can click on the screenshot to zoom in or delete the screenshot, which will not bill the client for that 10 minute time period. 

Current Log: The total time logged within the current session since starting the timer.

Time Worked Today: The total time logged for the day

Time Worked This Week: The total time logged since the beginning of the work week. 

What Are You Working On: Enter a description/memo of what you are working on. This will be displayed on the Work Diary for the time period logged.

goMeter Menu: Click on your profile to view additional options to sign out or contact support. Notifications & Messages: Click on Notification s(left) & Messages (right) to view all your messages and notifications. 

The goMeter is available for download for Windows, OSX (Mac), and Linux.
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