The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning – to create a product or service to make the world a better place.”
— Guy Kawasaki,

This article will explain to you how and why adding a company to goLance is beneficial.

By creating a company on your goLance account, you will be allowed to:

You can post jobs and hire freelancers on behalf of your company to keep your projects organized and complete contracts.
Keep your projects separate. You can also create more than one company to suit your needs.
You can pay your contractors using different payment methods for your contracts.
You can organize your reports by company.
You can organize your companies by teams.
You can also give limited permissions to your staff so they can help you manage your account.

Here is how you can create a company:

Step 1
From your Dashboard, select the 'Companies' tab in the side menu.

Step 2

Select 'Create New Company' on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Step 3

Here you will need to fill in your company information:
Name of your company.
The website for your company.
Your company slogan.
Size of your company.
When the company was founded.
A description of the company.

Remember that this information will be visible to your staff, teams, and potential contractors.

Select 'Create' when you are happy with this page.

Step 4

Confirm the domain name for the company and click 'SAVE'.

Congratulations! You have successfully added your company to goLance account.

You will now see that there are multiple options and changes you can make to the company if you need.

Your Feedback Rating is the rating provided to you by hired freelancers.
You can edit the information provided by the company here. Let's say you misspelt the name of the company. Fix it right here.
You can add staff here. If you would like a more in-depth explanation on how to add staff, follow this link. Adding Staff - Link to be updated soon.
Add your 'Payment Method'. For more information here follow this link Adding a Payment Method - Link to be updated soon.
Your 'Pending Invitations' are invitations that you have sent to potential staff and team members who are still to accept or decline.
Here are the teams that you have, you can learn more about how to create teams here- Creating Teams - Link to be updated soon.
Finally, you have the option to see more information about your company profile and your staff.

Profile Tab

On the 'Profile' tab, you can see how well your page is doing in terms of visibility. Complete the 'Profile Visibility section to better your company's visibility.

Staff Tab

Then going back and selecting the 'Staff' tab, you can see the staff that the company currently has and also create teams.

This concludes the article on how to add a company to your goLance account. Please note that you can add as many companies to your goLance profile as you would like and need to,
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