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Building a Complete goLancer Profile

It is vital to have a 100% complete profile in order to become a successful freelancer. Your goLance profile can be looked at like a resume.  It's what future employers will review in order to consider you as a candidate, and will give higher priority to applicants with complete and detailed profiles. 

A percentage meter is present to display the level of completeness in your profile. As you continue filling out your profile, the percentage meter will increase until you reach 100%. You must have at least 80% of your profile complete in order to apply to jobs. 

Note: Completing the minimum requirements for a 100% complete profile doesn't guarantee success as a freelancer. We highly recommend to include as much relevant and accurate information about yourself, your work history, your skills and education history, accomplishments, rewards, and other information that will help paint a detailed picture of yourself.

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Updated on: 06/10/2020

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