Everything you need to know about Cashback explained!

This article will explain to you what a cashback is and provide you with some relevant information surrounding cashbacks.

What is a cashback?

You as a client on goLance will receive 2% back from a contract payment.

Cashback is to encourage job creation on our platform and the economy at large which brings economic benefits to all.

When will I receive my cashback?

A cashback of 2% will be paid to you 2 months after the payment was made, it will be received on a Monday.

Since we will be verifying payments going in and out and then sending 2% back, we need this time to confirm details and ensure that you receive the correct amount.

Here are steps on how to view your cashback information. Including how much has been earned, used and checking your balance.

Viewing Earned Cashbacks

Step 1

Navigate to your goLance account. From your Dashboard select your goWallet on the left-hand side.

Step 2

A) Use the Filter to select the 'Cashback' option.

Step 2

B) Change the time period to one that you would like to see. In this example, we will see the cashback for the 'Year' option. Scroll to the timeframe that you would like to see cashback received eg, month or year.

Step 2b

Step 3

Here you will be able to 'EXPORT' this data. By exporting, you will automatically download an excel spreadsheet where you can sum up all the figures for the selected timeframe.

Step 3

Viewing Used Cashbacks

What are cashback used for?

Your cashback will automatically be used to pay your invoices. If there is not enough cash in your cashback balance, your default payment method will then be charged to complete the payment.

You can keep track of how and when your cashback is used by following the next steps:

Step 1

Follow the steps outlined in 'Viewing earned cashbacks' above. You do not need to do step 3 and export the data. With the cashback transactions before you, select the payment reference number below the amount.

Step 1

Step 2

Here you will have a range of information about the transaction including the amount of worked time and the goWallet balance.

Step 2

The "goWallet balance" is the amount that is paid to your goWallet by the cashback.
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