What are Companies, Staff, and teams used for?

Creating companies allows you to:
hire freelancers on behalf of your companies to keep companies or projects organized
keep your projects or companies separate
use different payment methods for your contracts
organize your reports by company
organize your companies by teams
Post jobs and hire on behalf of your company
Give limited permissions to your staff so they can help you manage your account

Adding Staff to your Companies allows you to:
give limited or full permissions to someone you trust to help manage your company
delegate company management of hiring freelancers
delegate company management of issuing payments
delegate company management of contracts
give different staff members control of different teams

Adding Teams to your Company allows you to:
control staff permissions to teams within your companies
organize your reports by teams
organize your contracts/freelancers into teams for simpler company and account management

Create a company

The first step is to create at least 1 company. You can create and manage your companies in the "Companies" tab in the side menu. Click the "Create New Company" button.

Invite another user (Staff) to your company

After you have created a company (or use a company you have already created), you can invite staff members to your company. These staff members must create a goLance account to join your staff.
If you want to give a staff member access to several companies, you should send an invitation for each company.
You can do that by clicking on the "+" button in the Staff section from each company profile page.

Select the appropriate company permissions for this user

Now, you can select the appropriate permissions for your staff members (you can edit these permissions at any time).

Once the invitation is accepted by the staff member, they will have access to your company's contracts according to the permissions you specify.

Create and manage teams for your company

First, create your teams from the company page.

Assign your freelancers to Teams

Then, go into the contract settings for each contracted freelancer and assign them to teams you have created.

Assign team to your staff member

Lastly, you can select the teams you want your Staff members to be able to view and manage.

Now your staff members will only have access to the authorized contracts by company and by team.
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