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Companies, Teams, and Members

Companies, Teams and Members


As a client on the goLance platform, you are able to create a company page. This page can be a reflection of a registered business or can be a reflection of one that you intend to register.

Why have a company?

With a company page, you are able to hire or invite members to your goLance company and create teams. This is to help mange, recruit and assist with the day-to-day tasks. You are able to delegate specific responsibilities to different members of the team. A company page is recommended for anyone who would like to hire more than one individual and wants to scale their business effectively.

Creating companies allows you to:
Hire freelancers on behalf of your company to keep companies or projects organized
Keep your projects or companies separate
Use different payment methods for your contracts
Organize your reports by company
Organize your companies by teams
Post jobs and hire on behalf of your company
Give limited permissions to your staff so they can help you manage your account

Company Members

Just like how traditional company's might hire someone to manage and be in charge of certain departments, company members are people that you add to your company. These members can then assist you with the hiring process, finances and with managing contracts. You can assign a set of specific responsibilities to the company members you hire. The roles that you are able to assign are:

- Company Owner - the person who creates company, by default, this role has all company permissions.
- Company Moderator - the person who helps with general company management.
- Hiring Manager - the person who is involved in all steps of the hiring process.

Who can I add as a company member?

You can invite as a company member either any freelancer on goLance or outside goLance person by sending an invitation email. Adding company members to your company allows you to:
Give limited or full permissions to someone you trust to help manage your company,
Delegate company management of hiring freelancers,
Delegate company management of issuing payments,
Delegate company management of contracts,
Give different members control of different teams.

Note: a company member can have more than one role.

In the table below you can find all the main permissions of a client company members:


A team is a group of сontracts within a сompany that are collected together under a team name. Teams are helpful in keeping multiple contractors organized. A hiring manager can be assigned to each team to manage it as well. A Hiring Manager may have access to one or more teams.

Note: For your convenience, jobs and offers also can be assigned to teams, so that when the contract is accepted and opened, they are assigned to the chosen team.

Should I use teams?

- When you intend to have multiple contractors and want to keep them organized.
- When you would like to pay different teams with different payment methods

Who can create teams?

The Company Owner and a Company Moderator can create teams.
Adding Teams to your Company allows you to:
Control staff permissions to teams within your companies
Organize your reports by teams
Organize your contracts/freelancers into teams for simpler company and account management.

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Updated on: 08/01/2023

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