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Current goLance freelancers FAQs

What is the goLance Affiliate program? This is a program to reward our freelance community by giving them an opportunity to make extra money. You can earn this for as long as the client or clients you referred are with goLance and you are on our platform. We’re trying to have the biggest impact on the global working world by growing our business, having a better platform, a lower cost, greater value, and partnering with our community. Just bring a new client over to the goLance platform and watch the money roll into your account. You get paid a commission on your own earnings and on the earnings of any freelancer that client brings on to our platform!

Is there an advantage to becoming an affiliate ASAP? Yes! Act now because the money goes to the first person who brings on that client. That’s why we call it the Great Affiliate Gold Rush.

I’m already a goLance freelancer. How can I become an affiliate and get a link? It’s easy. Simply log into your goLance account. Go to the “Resource” tab > Affiliate Program” and click on the button to get your unique affiliate link. Then copy your unique referral link from your goLance affiliate account and share it with your network.

Do I need to pay anything to become an affiliate? No. It’s absolutely free!

How do I earn commissions? Bring over a new client to the platform and you’ll get 12 ½ of the total fees we collect! To put this into perspective, goLance charges 7.95% of the client’s spending (the client decides which portion of that they pay, and which portion is covered by the freelancer).

How often will I get paid? The funds will be in your goWallet and available for you with the about the same timing as your typical payment cycle.

What’s the limit on how much I can earn? The sky is the limit! You’ll earn about 1% of the client’s total spending. Some clients spend millions of dollars a year so that’s a substantial commission for you! Imagine earning 1% commission of $5 million in annual spending. That’s about $50,000 a year in commissions for you!

Can I earn commissions on any freelancer that works for the client I bring over? Yes! Even if they hire 100 freelancers or more, you still earn your commissions. It’s an incredible opportunity.

How does the link you give me work and where should I share it? You can promote it on your social media, blog, website, or through direct referrals to your clients, colleagues, and friends. Clients benefit because our fees are low compared to other platforms, our tools are exceptional, and we make the entire process of recruiting, hiring, paying, and time tracking easy. Plus, we provide great service. We care!

Where can I access the status of my commissions and when will I start to see them appear? You’ll have access to a dashboard in your goWallet. Once you’re in the wallet, go to Resources and scroll down to the Affiliate Program page. Here’s an example of what you can see in your wallet after 6 months commissions from a client with multiple freelancers and an annual total payout of about $1 million.

How long will I receive commissions? You’ll receive commissions for as long as the client or clients you referred are with goLance and you are on our platform. We have many long-term clients who’ve been with us, and grown with us, for many years so this offers you a great potential to make money.

What are some of the reasons why my client or someone I know should switch to goLance? We have everything needed to provide a seamless, value-driven, freelance marketplace experience for our clients and our freelancers. We can save your clients money while giving them exceptional tools to recruit, manage, and pay their freelancers with our award-winning software and business model and personalized service. Our freelancers value the opportunities we provide, our low fees, and our support and dedication to their community.

What materials can I use to help explain why my client should move to the goLance platform? Log into the Affiliate program section of your goLance account to access the latest content available.

How does the goLance Affiliate program compare with incentive programs for other freelancer marketplaces? You have the potential to make a lot more money and you can do this without limits. Other freelance platform programs generally have many restrictions and much lower incentives – like a $20 or $100 one-time bonus. By having the opportunity to earn money from all the freelancers that client brings on, you can dramatically increase your commissions. It’s a no-brainer.

Where can I get help with any technical or support questions about the Affiliate program? Contact the Affiliate support team at

I already brought a client on to the platform before this program was introduced. Am I eligible to receive commissions on my future earnings or future earnings of other freelancers for this client? This incentive only applies to new clients who were brought onto the platform after the program was introduced on July 13, 2023.

Where can I learn about the terms and conditions of the goLance Affiliate Program? Click here.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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