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Freelancing with goLance

Once you have finished creating your goLance account, it's time to get started! In order to have the best chance of success in getting hired, It is highly recommended that you do the following before applying to jobs:

Complete your goLance profile with as much detail as possible. Having a complete and detailed goLance profile will make you stand out over the rest and significantly increase your chances of getting the job that you want!
Add a photo of yourself to your profile to help clients verify that you are a real person and provide a more human connection.
Describe yourself, what you do best, and what you are passionate about within your industry.
We recommend adding past jobs, complete with information about your responsibilities in those positions.
Add a portfolio of your past projects for employers to review your past experience
Create a video introduction of yourself to stand out

Complete as many Skills Tests as possible (you can view all the Skill Tests available within your Edit Profile page)
Completely as many tests as possible pertaining to your trade

Add social media links such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Your profile won't be viewable to others and you will not be able to apply for job until you have at least 80% of your profile completed.

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Updated on: 16/12/2022

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