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Get Started as a Freelancer Agency

When you are thinking about growing your freelance business, one option is to make the move from freelancer to agency—a business structure that enables you to collaborate with others to work on larger projects.

You can easily create an agency on goLance by following these few steps:

Create a goLance account as a freelancer.

Create a company on your account, this company will be your agency.
You can add information to promote your company, for example, a website and description,

If you have administrators, subcontractors, or managers that work for your agency, they can be added and will be classified as "Company members". There are 2 basic functions that these members fulfill:

Administrative Members or Managers
Help you manage the administration of your agency. Permissions granted by the company owner allow these members to manage contracts, pull reports, manage subcontracts, etc... These are divided by three different roles:
Sales Manager - this role is in charge of finding jobs for subcontractors, creating contracts with clients etc.
Company Moderator- this role in change of sending invitations to new company members, manage company member’s permissions, teams, etc.

Any freelancer that has a contract with a company will be listed as a subcontractor. You can apply for work and accept offers on your subcontractor's behalf. You can choose to keep all income from their work and settle up later or split the pay on goLance as it comes in.

The freelancers who will work for your agency should create a goLance account. You can then invite them to your company and choose a specific role for them if you'd like.

You can classify your company members as exclusive or non-exclusive freelancers. The difference is that exclusive freelancers can only work for one company on the goLance platform and can not contract with any other companies.

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Updated on: 24/03/2023

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