This guide will help you set up your account on goLance to begin online recruiting.



Sign Up for an Account in Seconds

On the goLance website select “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Then select “HIRE” to hire freelancers.

Fill in your name, email, and create a password to “SIGN UP AS CLIENT”

Verify your email to successfully create a goLance account.

Experience the Savings and Other Benefits With goLance.

Log into your goLance account and you’ll be prompted to add a company to your profile. This process will enable you to bring your existing freelancers to the goLance platform.

Add your company name to create your company.

After you add the company name, you’ll receive a link. You can invite freelancers from outside of goLance to sign up by simply sending them this link. Once they have signed up, you will be notified.

Post A Job

Choose to post a job.

Fill in the information requested.
After you have posted your first job, you see that a template is available for you to use.

A job description helps your job post find the best freelancers for your available position. Check out our short article on aspects of writing a good Job Description

Make the following financial decisions for the job post. You can choose job categories and subcategories illustrated below

Choose between a “Fixed Cost” job or an “Hourly Rate” job.

Hourly Rate
Better when the client or freelancer is not entirely sure how long the work will take them or if the work is a long-term assignment.

Fixed Cost
When you know how long or the amount of work that needs to go into the job and the value of this work can be determined and agreed on.

If you choose an “Hourly Rate”, you can select how many hours per week you would like the freelancer to work.
If you choose 'Fixed Cost', select the 'Estimated Rate' that you are willing to pay for the job.

Make choices based on location, skills and ask relevant questions for the applicant to answer.

The green banner below shows that the post has been successful.

You have posted your first job and successfully signed up as a client with goLance!
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