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Giving Feedback to Clients

Both the freelancer and client usually leave publicly viewable feedback for each other after ending a contract. This serves to publicly express both parties experience and adds to their reputation, and can be seen by the rest of the goLance community. 

To leave feedback:

Click on Contracts on the left side menu
Locate the Contract
Click on Leave Feedback

When the contract with payments is closed the user is redirected to the 'Leave Feedback' page. When the contract is being viewed by clicking on the Contracts tab on the left menu, this contract is displayed with a 'Feedback Pending' status and along with a 'Leave Feedback' button. The window to leave feedback expires 2 weeks after the close of the contract. Feedback rating is counted in general if a user has worked for more than 24 hours on the contract and the charged payment greater than $100.

Updated on: 02/10/2020

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