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goMeter: How to use Activity Codes


Activity Codes on your goMeter
Clients define Activity Codes and assign them to contracts
When you start your goMeter you'll select a code.
Codes represent a topic like answering calls, sending emails, design review, meetings, etc.
Optionally, you can add a note for more detail.
Check with your client to see if they prefer you to leave a note.

We have added a video for your convenience:


Ensure that you have selected the correct contract on your goMeter and click the highlighted section, 'What Are You Working On...'


Here you will be able to select a task that your employer has approved. When you have chosen an option, select 'SAVE'.


You will be able to select an option that will remind you in 30 minutes to change your task. This is helpful for you to keep track of how much time you have spent on a specific activity. If the option is selected, goMeter pops back up onto your screen if it is minimized. If you do not want this feature, be sure to untick the box.

You are also able to provide a note regarding the activity that you are on. You can type this not in where the next image says "video".

This concludes our short tutorial for using activity codes. Please remember that if you need anything, you can reach out to our customer support.

Updated on: 03/03/2022

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