If you are having problems with the goMeter, please start by uninstalling it, and installing the newest version.

You may download the newest version here: Download goMeter

If you are still experiencing problems after re-installing, please try the tips for the problems below:

Below are solutions to potential issues that can arise with your goMeter installation and use within Microsoft Windows systems.

Problem 1: Cannot install goMeter because of the error: ‘Setup was unable to create the directory’

Answer/ Solution:

Hover your cursor over the goMeter application, right click on the application and select, 'Run as Administrator'.

If the issue persists, check the administrator permissions on your computer. Your Windows user must have administrator level access.

Problem 2: Getting an error when goMeter attempts to save a screenshot. For example:

ERROR: Failed to save file C:\Users\My. (check path filename, and ensure you have specified a valid image extension).

Answer/ Solution:

To download the alternate goMeter version with alternative screenshots capturing, Click here.

Problem 3: The goMeter is not responding to certain key combinations and strokes.

Answer/ Solution:

To download the alternate goMeter version that disables hotkeys, Click here.

Problem 4: The user has some random screenshots missing.

Answer/ Solution:

goMeter saves screenshots only if there is activity that includes mouse clicks and keystrokes, mouse moves are not considered.

If you think we should investigate certain screenshots please gather the time intervals for when they are missing and provide a description of what the activity was in the time. Eg, were you on a call, answering emails or in meetings. You can contact us in the chat.

Problem 5: The Contract(s) is not listed in the dropdown menu therefore you are unable to select your contract and start tracking time for it.

Answer/ Solution:

Try refreshing the goMeter by clicking the ’Refresh’ button:

Problem 6: The user cannot start the goMeter: the start button is disabled, there is no error or warning messages.

Answer/ Solution:

This problem may happen if the time zone does not correspond to your location.

Follow these instructions:

For Windows 10: go to Start  > Settings  > Time & language > Date & time.
For Windows 7 or Vista: click the clock in your Taskbar once, and then click 'Change date and time settings...'

Ensure that:

The time zone corresponds to your location.
The time on the GoMeter matches your time zone. If it is not - set it manually, or try to apply automatic settings.

Problem 7: 'Offline since …' banner

Answer/ Solution:

It may be caused by internet connection issues. Check to ensure your internet connection is active and working.

Contact Support: If your internet is connected and not the cause.

If you are experiencing issues with the goMeter that could not be resolved with the solutions above, please contact support with the following:

A detailed description of the problem you are facing. Include a screenshot and/or video capture is possible.
The operating system you are using and what version.
The goMeter version currently being used. To find out the version, click on the arrow next to your name, select "About" and copy the provided version number.
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