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Here’s a quick and useful overview of the current goLance’s policy in this matter:

We accept submissions, but we can’t offer any kind of financial compensation at this moment.

You’re required to be a registered user in order to participate.

You can’t use links to your personal website or in any other way promote your services or products (e.g. eBooks and similar). Our system allows you to use third-party links associated with your goLance profile, so take advantage of it.

You are free to choose any freelance-related topic in your guest blog post, including topics that we may find to be of interest to our community.

We reserve the right to accept or reject your submission, edit, or adjust it accordingly, so it doesn’t violate our business principles, Terms and Conditions, or Privacy Policy.

You will be given credit for your work, including a link to your goLance profile.

We will share your guest blog post on our social media.

If all of these points are acceptable to you, then feel free to submit your guest blog post directly at the following email:

Updated on: 30/09/2020

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