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How to Add Manual Time to Your Work Diary

The use of the goMeter requires continuous keyboard and mouse input to prevent meter time out. Jobs that do not require the constant use of your computer keyboard and mouse should use the Manual Time feature to log hours to your work diary.

Note: You have until midnight UTC on Sundays to add Manual Time for the current workweek.

The manual time option can be enabled/disabled by the client when creating the contract. Discuss with your client if the manual time option is appropriate to log your time. The client can also enable or disable manual time at any time after creating the contract as long as the contract is active. Once enabled, you can log manual time to your Work Diary by:

Locate your contract by clicking on Contracts on the left side menu.
Click on the contract to enter the contract settings, then click on the Work Diary tab.

Within your Work Diary, click on ADD TIME.

You can add Manual Time to time slots that have already been passed. Click on the individual 10-minute time slot intervals to log time. If you need to log a full hour, then you must select all the five 10-minute time slots for that time frame.

Enter the details of the work done for the time period added above, then click ADD TIME to finalize.

Updated on: 02/10/2020

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