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How to Add Manual Time to Your Work Diary

The Work Diary displays all the hours that you have worked and is used to calculate your weekly payments. You can view the screenshots of all your tracked time.  All the hours tracked or added are displayed in the Work Diary. Any logged time beyond the set weekly limit on an hourly contract will be displayed in the Work Diary but will not be billed to the client. 

The Work Diary also allows you to delete logged time and work diary notes as long as the contract is still active and it is within the current workweek. Logged time from previous workweeks cannot be deleted or added. The use of the goMeter requires continuous keyboard and mouse input to prevent the goMeter from timing out. Jobs that do not require the constant use of your computer keyboard and mouse should use the Manual Time feature to log hours to your work diary.

Note: You have until midnight UTC on Sundays to add Manual Time for the current workweek.

The manual time option will need to be enabled by the client. If you have agreed upon the manual time option, request that the setting is enabled on your contract. The client can enable or disable manual time at any point after creating the contract as long as it is active. Once enabled, you can log manual time to your Work Diary by following these steps:

On the goMeter, select "View Work Diary"
If you're not logged into your account, log in and you'll be taken to the current day in your work diary.
Choose the day that you would like to add time to and select, "Add Time".

You can only add time for the week that you are currently on.

Click on the time slots that you would like to add. These slots have to be in the past. You can select one 10 minute interval or if you need to log a full hour, then select the block with the hour in and all 5 slots will be selected.

Fill in the relevant information for the activity that was completed in this time frame and select "Add Time"

If you are still unable to add time after ensuring that Manual Time is enabled for you contract, reach out to us and we can assist you. If you have any questions that you think this article could answer, please provide feedback below and we will add relevant information to the article.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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