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How to Change Description and Notes on the goMeter & Work Diary

There are two ways to change the description/notes on your work diary.

You can either change the note while you are working.
You can change a note for a time that has passed.

**Via the goMeter:**

To change the description/ note of what you’re currently working on, open the goMeter app and enter a new note under the chosen task. This block will either be filled with a previously used note OR will have the text, "Write your note here".

Enter your new note or choose a previously used note and click save.

**Via the Work Diary:**

If you need to change the note/description after working on a task, you would need to update it in the Work Diary.

On the goMeter app, click the hyperlink that says "View Work Diary":

Select one or more screenshots that you want to update the note for. You can select the screenshot by clicking the tick icon in the top right of that screenshot. If you would like to select the entire row of screenshots, click on the timestamp to the left of the row.

Selecting the Individual Screenshot

Selecting the Row

Then Scroll up and click on Update Task

Enter the new description/note or select an option from a previously used note and click save. Your note should now be updated.

Updated on: 16/01/2023

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