There are two ways to change the description/memos on your work diary. If you need to update the memo while you are currently working on a task, you would need to update the description in the goMeter.

Via the goMeter:

To change the description of what you’re currently working on, enter a new memo in the "What are you working on" text input box and it will automatically update your work diary.

Via the Work Diary:
If you need to need to change the memo/description after working on a task, you would need to update in the Work Diary.

To change your description/memo or activity label after your time has been logged

Go to the Work Diary
Select one or more screenshots that you want to update the memo for. Clicking on the time to the left of each Work Diary row will select all the screenshots in that row.
Then Scroll up and click on Update Task
Enter the new description/memo or select from a previously saved memo and save.
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