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How to Delete Time from Your Work Diary

The Work Diary displays all the hours that you have worked and is used to calculate your weekly payments. You can view the screenshots of your tracked time.  Any logged time beyond the set weekly limit on an hourly contract will be displayed in the Work Diary but will not be billed to the client. 

You can delete logged time and work diary notes as long as the contract is active and the screenshots are within the current workweek. For previous workweeks, screenshots cannot be deleted or manual time added. If you need to delete time from your Work Diary for any reason, you have until UTC midnight on Sundays of the current workweek.

To delete time from your Work Diary:

From the goMeter app, select "View Work Diary"
Log in to your account and hover over the screenshot or block of time that you would like to delete.
Click the trash bin icon on the top right hand side of the screenshot.
You will be prompted to make sure that this is the action you would like to take. Select "Ok"
You can select multiple screenshots as well and delete them together if you'd like. Select them all and then click on the button, "Delete".

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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