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How to End/ Pause Your Contract

At goLance, we understand that sometimes freelancers may need to end a contract early. This is why we offer the option to pause or end your contract. However, it's important to consider a few important details before taking this action.


Please review the following information carefully before deciding to close a contract:

Once a contract has been closed:

The action cannot be reversed. Once a contract is closed, it cannot be reopened or modified in any way.
Freelancers will no longer be able to make any changes to the work diary or log any additional time.
Both the freelancer and the client will have a certain period of time to leave feedback on the project.
For hourly contracts, the client will be billed for all logged time up until the closure of the contract.
For fixed-cost contracts, any money held in escrow will be released back to the client.
A client may still send a bonus to a contract after it has been closed.

If you need to close the contract here's how to do it:

Hover over the "My goLance" tab and select "Contracts".
Click on the name of the contract you want to end to open it.
Click on "CLOSE CONTRACT" at the top right.
Confirm that you want to close the contract by selecting "Okay" from the pop-up window.

However, we strongly recommend that you only close a contract after discussing the situation with your client or with goLance. Abruptly closing a contract can lead to negative feedback from your client, which can impact your future job prospects. If you're experiencing issues with a contract or need assistance with the process, our support team is always available to help you find a resolution.


A contract can be paused at any time by the client or by goLance for reasons related to security, improper conduct on the goLance platform, or a problem with the client's and or the freelancer's account. 

If a contract is paused, a freelancer will not be able to continue billing on the contract until it is un-paused.

If you notice that your contract is paused, you should stop all work on that contract and contact the client immediately. If you are not able to contact the client or the client is not responding, contact customer support for assistance. 

If the client asks you to continue working on your contract and offers to pay outside of the goLance platform, you should decline and report the client to customer support. Working and getting paid outside of goLance does not guarantee payment and goLance cannot help with support if your client does not pay you.

By following these guidelines and understanding the consequences of closing/ pausing a contract, you can make informed decisions and take action when necessary while still maintaining a positive reputation as a freelancer on goLance.

Updated on: 20/03/2023

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