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How to End Your Hourly Contract

Freelancers have the option to end contracts within the contract settings page. Once a contract is ended, freelancers are no longer able to make any changes to the work diary or log additional time through the goMeter or Manual Time. Both the freelancer and client can leave feedback once the contract is ended. 

For hourly contracts, the client is billed for all logged time whereas in fixed-cost contracts the money held in escrow is deposited back to the client. 

To close a contract:

Click on Contracts on the left side menu
Click on the contract name to open contract settings
Click on CLOSE CONTRACT at the top right

It is not recommended to close your contract until you have discussed doing so with your employer. The abrupt closing of your contract may result in negative feedback from your client if this wasn't part of your agreement.

Be careful, if the contract is closed, it is not possible to reopen it by yourself. You can either create a new contract or ask our support to reopen it for you.

Updated on: 04/03/2021

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