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How to Install the goMeter - MAC/OSX

Download & Install the goMeter

From the goLance website, scroll down to the footer and click on "Download goMeter", or follow this link: Download goMeter

Click on the download button. The recommended platform will be chosen for your device but you also have the option to change it if you would like.

Once the file has downloaded, you will see it in your downloads folder. Double click on .dmg file.

Drag the goMeter's icon to your Applications folder (it is right of the goMeter icon).

Then you will see the message about 'Copying goMeter to Applications'.
After it is finished, close the window, go to Finder > Applications and start goMeter from there. Fill in your account credentials and there you have a downloaded and installed goMeter to track your contract's time.

Here are some troubleshooting steps if you are struggling to use the goMeter: Mac/OS

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Updated on: 17/01/2023

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