There are two ways to download the GoMeter.

First Method

If you are not logged into an account on GoLance, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Download goMeter".

Downloading GoMeter

From here you can follow the prompts and install the goMeter. Refer to the next steps if you are unsure how.

Second Method

The second way to download the goMeter would be to log into your goLance account here: GoLance

GoMeter Dashboard

Navigate to your avatar at the top right, click the arrow to preview the dropdown menu and select "Download goMeter"

GoMeter Account

You'll be taken to this page where goLance will suggest which version of the goMeter to download based on your operating system. If you need to download a different version, click on "Or Choose Another Platform"

GoMeter Download Page

You will see the goMeter begin downloading at the bottom of the webpage.

GoMeter Installation

Once it has finished downloading, click on it or select "Show in Folder" to be taken to the location of the setup.

GoMeter Download

Double click the application to install it.

GoMeter File
Select "Next"

GoMeter Setup
Select "Install" and you will see the goMeter downloading.

GoMeter Installation

Once the application has finished downloading, you will see the shortcut on your desktop.

GoMeter Shortcut

This is what the application looks like once opened and you have logged into goLance account.

GoMeter Application

There you have it, if you need any information regarding troubleshooting steps, please take a look at these articles:
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