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How to participate if you are not a current goLance freelancer

I’m not currently a goLance freelancer. What can I do to participate? Sign up as a freelancer on the goLance platform here.

Can I participate in the Affiliate program if I join, but may not be ready to take on freelance assignments right now? Yes. After you sign up as a freelancer on, you set your account to private by clicking on the toggle below in your profile.

You can still collect commissions in the private mode. Your account is private until you complete 80% of your profile.

When you’re ready to accept work, make sure to complete the profile and click on All clients can see this profile, as shown below.

Will I receive the same affiliate deal as active freelancers if get an account but haven’t started freelancing yet? Yes.

Where can I learn more about the Affiliate program? Visit our website and Current goLance freelancers FAQs.

Where can I learn about the terms and conditions of the goLance Affiliate Program? Click here.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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