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How to pay a manual invoice sent by your freelancer?

As a client, you can allow your freelancer to issue manual invoices. By default, manual invoicing is enabled for new contracts.

Enable/Disable Manual Invoicing

To enable/disable manual invoicing for specific contracts, you can go to the Contracts page, find and select the contract you want to change, and click on the Settings button. Then you can set manual invoicing to "Allowed" or "Not Allowed" for this specific contract:

Receive a manual invoice

You will receive an in-app notification and an email about new manual invoices. You can also find this invoice and all others from the invoices tab of a specific contract. You can click on the notification, the view details button from the email or the view details link from the invoice tab. Doing any of the these will open the invoice which will look like this:

Pay a manual invoice

Manual invoices are not paid automatically. You are free to choose to pay it or not. You may also choose the most suitable payment method for you.

You should check that the number of billed hours, hourly rate, and the amount to be paid match your contract and work being done.

Once you pay a manual invoice, the status of this invoice will be changed from pending to paid.

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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