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How to Pay with Multiple Payment Methods?

If you have multiple freelancers and wish to keep track of their payments for accounting purposes, it may be helpful to use different payment methods for different freelancers or groups of freelancers.

The way you can do this is to create multiple companies on your goLance account and assign a specific payment method for each company. By doing so, you can hire freelancers and pay them under the corresponding company's payment method. It's important to note that your primary payment method, which can be set from your goWallet page, will be used by default. Therefore, it's necessary to change it when setting and arranging payments under a different company's.

You can follow these steps, to change one company's default payment method.

Log into your goLance account and hover over "My goLance". Select "Companies"

Select "Create New Company" and fill in the relevant information.

From your company page, select the "Staff" tab and add your "Payment Method"

We are working on an alternative way to pay freelancers and will update this article as soon as the feature is available.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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