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How to Use the Work Diary

The Work Diary displays all the hours that you have worked and is used to calculate your weekly payments. You can also view the screenshots of all completed work as well as work that is in progress.  All goMeter tracked hours and added Manual Times are displayed in the Work Diary. Any logged time beyond the set weekly limit on an hourly contract will be displayed in the Work Diary but will not be billed to the client. 

The Work Diary also allows you to delete logged time and work diary notes as long as the contract is still active and it is within the current workweek. Logged time from previous workweeks cannot be deleted or added. 

Your Work Diary is located within your contract settings page:

Click on Contracts
Click on the contract name to enter contract settings (each hourly contract has a separate Work Diary)
Click on the Work Diary tab
Click on any day that has time logged to view the Work Diary.

To update memos and activity labels:

Go to the My Jobs tab
Find the contract in the list and click the View Work Diary button
Click the memo bar or check the box on the segments to update and press the Edit Memo button
Make the changes you want then press Update

The goMeter desktop application takes a screenshot every 10 minutes and places them in the time slots within
the Work Diary. Your keyboard and mouse activity also get logged and are included in the Work Diary by displaying the total mouse clicks and keyboard strokes within each 10-minute interval.  

The memo bars in the Work Diary are color-coded to indicate the status of that billing segment. Their color-coding goes as follows:

Green: Auto-tracked time, billable on hourly contracts
Yellow: Manual time, billable on hourly contracts
Red: Time over the weekly limit agreed with your client. Not billable

The row of green blocks is the Activity Meter. It shows the number of minutes out of a 10-minute billing segment that had activity (mouse clicks, scroll actions, and keystrokes.)

Activity is recorded by the goLance Desktop App and uploaded as an auto-tracked time. Manual time does not include activity information
Click on the meter for a detailed view, including minute-by-minute activity counts

Antivirus software, firewalls, and system overloads can sometimes prevent the app from tracking your activity properly. If you believe this has happened you may need to white list these applications in your antivirus software and firewall. You can also check your available RAM and CPU and if they are reaching their limits you can try to free up resources by closing other programs.

Updated on: 02/10/2020

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