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Monitoring Screenshots

As a client, you can monitor the behavior and activity of your hired talent in several ways.

Here are 4 steps to help you identify any activity that you think may be suspicious:

With the goMeter active, a screenshot will be taken every 10 minutes of the freelancer’s monitor. You can view the entire day’s screenshots by going into your freelancer’s work diary on your goLance.

A. For Windows users, if there is more than one monitor, the screenshot will be captured on the monitor where the cursor was last active.
B. For Mac users, if there is more than one monitor, the capture will occur on the monitor that they have set up as the main display.

Daily Screenshots

Activity Percentage:
Within the 10-minute interval, we average the percentage of activity through mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.

A. If a freelancer is in a meeting or watching a video, then their keyboard strokes and mouse clicks will be of a lower number, resulting in a lower activity percentage.

Activity Percentage with Screenshot

Software monitoring:
You can monitor the software that is being used on the device that has goMeter installed and active.

A. This software needs to be actively used and not only running in the background. Here is a rare example of suspicious software being used and monitored on the goMeter.

Open Applications

Mouse click & Keystrokes:
You can see how many mouse clicks and keyboard strokes occurred during the 10-minutes.

A. A high amount of mouse clicks with little to no keyboard strokes is a red flag and something you should keep an eye on if there is a need.

Mouse Clicks, Keystrokes & Activity %

Here is an example of suspicious activity:

Suspicious Keystroke & Mouse Clicks

If you are unsure about activity of your freelancer, feel free to reach out to our customer support to provide a second set of eyes and any advice on the topic.

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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