So, you have a client profile and a job that needs to be done!

Let's get right on how to post a job!

Please remember that you can only post a job if you have a client profile. If you have a freelancer profile, please create a new client profile by following the steps set out in this article:
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Step 1

From your Dashboard page, scroll up to the top right-hand side of your screen and select "Post a Job".

Here is our basic page requesting information needed for the job post. If you have posted jobs in the past, you can select one of those previous job posts as a template for the new one you are creating now.

Otherwise, if there is no existing template that will suit this job post's need, then you can opt not to choose a template. Fill in the job title that suits the position.

Next, fill in the job description. Here are some tips and tricks for writing a job description that will stand out from the rest: Writing A Job Description

You can choose to add an image to the job post. Company logos are a great option to place here and can help build trust between you and the applicant.

Once you are happy with this page, select 'Next Step' to move on.

Step 2

You will need to fill in the information regarding the payment for the position. First, select the category and subcategory of the role.

Next, select the job type by deciding between the Hourly Rate and the Fixed Cost. Here is some information about the two types:

Hourly Rate
Better when the client or freelancer is not entirely sure how long the job will take them or if the work is a long-term job.

Fixed Cost
When you know how long or the amount of work that needs to go into the job and the value of this work can be determined and agreed on.

Your next decision will be on how long you want this applicant to work for you in a week (if you have chosen the 'Hourly Rate' option)

If you have chosen the 'Fixed Cost' option you will not be able to choose how many hours per week the candidate will work.

Finally, you will either select a total budget for the 'Fixed Cost' option. This will be the total amount the candidate will be paid.
OR decide an estimated amount for the 'Hourly Rate' option.

Choose the 'Next Step' button when you are ready to move on.

Step 3

You're almost done! This page will request whether or not you only want individuals to apply or if companies can too. You can also choose the location for candidates.

Help narrow down your search by selecting the appropriate skills that you would like the applicants to have.

Now you can ask an applicant relevant questions to help them stand out and help you further identify the ideal candidate.

Move on to the next step when you are happy with this page.

Step 4

You can revise the information you have provided for this job post. Double-check the information and ensure that you are happy with it, if you need to change any of the information on the previous pages you can do so by selecting 'Back'

If you've created a company for your account, you can choose whether you want to post a job directly or on behalf of your company. This is useful for clients with multiple staff members so they can also manage the job. It can also help you keep your independent contractors within those separate companies for easier management and reporting.

And finally, you can decide if you would like this post to go 'Public' where all freelancers on the platform can see the post or 'Private' where only those to who you send the job link can see the job post.

To post your job and move forward, select 'Post my Job'.

You will know the job post was posted successfully because of the green banner that pops up on your new window.

And that's it! You've just learned how to post a new job.
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