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Reporting Suspicious Activity

goLance is dedicated to creating a secure and professional platform for all users. We take every reported issue seriously and encourage our users to report any suspicious activity or violations of the goLance Terms & Conditions to help maintain a safe environment.

As a freelancer, you have the ability to report other freelancers, employers, and job postings. On the profile page of freelancers and employers, you will find a button with three dots in the top right of their profile image. Upon clicking the button you will see the "Report" option. For job postings, you will see the same three dots and a "Report" option. button with a dropdown menu that also includes a "Report" option.

Reporting a Freelancer or Client

Reporting a Job Post

When reporting an issue, it's important to provide as much detail as possible in the report popup. We want to ensure that we fully understand the situation in order to take appropriate action. You can trust that your identity will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the user you are reporting. Additionally, we will not share the results of the report with the person who filed it, as this would violate our Privacy Policy.

At goLance, we are committed to creating a safe and professional environment for all of our users. By reporting any suspicious activity or violations of our Terms of Service, you can help us maintain the integrity of our platform.

You are also more than welcome to reach out to our customer support team to make any reports.

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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