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Review Period + Security Period for Payments

It typically takes 10 business days from the end of a freelancer's pay period, until funds are deposited in the freelancer's goWallet.

The first 5 days are a review period so that the employer can look at the work diary and confirm hours worked. The employer can shorten this period if they wish, by going to the contract's settings, and changing the "Settle Time" to be shorter.

Once the hours are approved by the employer, goLance charges their payment method. There is a 5 day waiting period after doing this, to make sure the payment will settle. Then golance deposits the settled funds into the freelancer's goWallet.

Once funds are in the goWallet, you can withdraw them. Once you withdraw them, it typically takes 0-5 business days for the transfer to complete, depending on your chosen withdrawal method, and your country. The number of days can change from withdrawal to withdrawal because goLance prioritizes the best conversion rate for withdrawals, not the fastest transfer time. This way the freelancer gets the most money possible.

Updated on: 02/03/2021

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