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Review Period + Security Period for Payments

Invoices from a freelancer's work diary are submitted at midnight UCT on Sunday every week.

Review period
The first 5 days are a review period so that the client can look at the work diary and confirm the hours worked. Some employers can shorten this period if they wish, by going to the contract's settings, and changing the "Settle Time".

Security period
Once the hours are approved by the client or the initial 5 days for the review period have passed without disputes, goLance charges the client's payment method. There is a 5-day waiting period after doing this, to make sure the payment will settle. Then goLance deposits the settled funds into the freelancer's goWallet.
The status of your payment during the security period will be displayed as "Pending". You can view the release date in your "Transaction Details" – just open your goWallet and click on the transaction ID.

Fixed-Price Contracts:

Unlike the hourly contract, there is no review period for fixed price contract or bonuses.
Bonuses and Milestones only have a 5-day security period before they are paid to the freelancer.

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Updated on: 06/09/2023

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