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Security Best Practices

As a goLancer, it is your responsibility to keep your computer and private information safe and protected at all times. Below are some tips to keep yourself and your information protected:

Keep all of your software and antivirus applications updated, including system security, internet browsers and other applications.
Scan your computer(s) regularly to keep them protected. It is recommended to scan your computer weekly & to set up automatic scan schedules.
Backup your computer data regularly in case your computer hard disk crashes or you lose access to your computer for any reason.
Do not download questionable files or data from untrusted internet sources and email.
Do not browse or enter your information on non-secure websites that don't use SSL encryption to protect your data.
Use strong and unique passwords that do not use common phrases or words. Use a combination of numbers, symbols, and upper/lowercase letters.
Change your password regularly. It is recommended to change your password every 90 days
Do not use the same password as you use on other sites. Keep them unique and separate.
Do not share your password with others or save your login information where it can be accessed by other people.
Enable Two-Factor Authentication to provide an extra layer of security when logging in to goLance.

Updated on: 02/03/2021

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