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Security Tips

goLance helps you to secure your contract with different solutions. Below are some important Security tips that help protect your contracts:

Look at the feedback score

For your convenience, we offer a star rating review and feedback system that allows you to check the number of jobs completed by the user, as well as their feedback from former clients/contractors.

Use the goMeter for hourly contracts

The goMeter is goLance's powerful time-tracking tool. It helps the client and the freelancer keep track of the work progress in realtime. Please note that manually added hours are not covered by goLance protection.

As a client, take the time to review the work accomplished

The review period (5 days after a work week is finished) provides a buffer for clients to look over the freelancer’s Work Diary and make sure the tasks assigned are complete. If you are unhappy with the freelancer’s work or their activity reflected in the Work Diary, please contact them immediately to resolve your concerns. If you don’t take any action until the end of the review period, the work week will be finalized and you won’t be able to contest the payment.

A security period where clients are billed and the payments processed

If the payment fails to go through for any reason, we have a measure in place to reach out to the client to get the funds.

Always pay through goLance, otherwise we don't be able to provide any assistance

If you issue payment outside of the goLance platform, then goLance will not be able to assist with any issues that arise as result.

Additional steps for enhanced security of your account:
Choose a strong and unique password to protect your account, and do not share it.
Enable the two-factor authentication ( Via SMS or App)
Don't forget to log out of your session, especially if you log in from a public network.
We will send you a notification by email if a sensitive operation is performed on your account. Look at these notifications and contact the support as soon as possible if it wasn’t you who initiated the operation.
Check your GoWallet regularly in order to detect unauthorized transactions.
If you are using the mobile app, do not root or jailbreak your smartphone and use a mechanism to lock your phone automatically.

Learn how to detect a scam:

Scammers may try to involve you in a fraud scheme. If you follow these 3 basic rules, you may prevent most of them:

Do not communicate outside the goLance secure chat (you can send messages and make calls with it). We monitor the conversations and detect most of the scam attempts, but it is more difficult for us to detect them if the conversation occurs outside goLance.
Do not send money outside goLance.
If another user asks you to do something unusual, suspicious or inappropriate, contact us ( or flag the user. We will confirm if it is a scam or not.

You are very likely talking to a scammer if the user asks you:

To pay (even a small fee) to get a job, or when you just start a job. It could be a license, a site registration fees, an assurance deposit, a payment for a training kit…
To communicate personal or sensitive information (ID, account password, tax document, bank details,…)
To send or receive funds outside goLance
To share your contact information or to contact him outside the goLance secure chat (via email, skype, chat)
To start working before a contract is created
To start working on a Fixed Cost contract without a funded milestone
To give high quality work samples or a to perform a short unpaid job as a test
To do an illegal job
To click on a suspicious link or to download a suspicious file. We recommend you to analyze all received documents with an antivirus

Updated on: 28/11/2020

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