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Setting Up Activity Codes for Contracts

Activity Codes is a new feature that goLance is offering to clients and freelancers. By implementing activity codes, goLance intends to help you keep track of activities and keep them organized! We are aiming to keep activities and freelance productivity more consistent and tangible.

Here's how you can add these codes to your company on your goLance account:




From your Dashboard, head on over to the 'Companies' tab.


Select the company that you would like to add these changes to.


Select the 'Activity Codes' tab

You will see that there are two tabs to choose from 'Activity Codes' as well as 'Activity Sets'
This table represents your current activity codes.

By selecting the 'Add Activity Code' tab, you can add a new activity where you will be prompted to create the ID and the description, as illustrated below.

By selecting the activity code ID, you will have access to some more information relating to the code but also have the ability to edit and assign it as well.


Going back to the original two tabs, if you select the 'Activity Sets' tab, you will have the same layout as before.
The table represents all the active sets on your company's profile.

You can add activity sets just how you added activity codes. Provide and name and description for it and then hit save.

Remember that you can select the 'Set Name' in the table and more information will pop up. You will be able to assign activity codes to the set here. You can also remove them by selecting the 'x'

As simple as that! You can now keep track and be more organised when it comes to your staff activities and codes! If you still need any assistance going forward, please reach out to us on chat!

Updated on: 28/04/2022

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