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Skip Posting a Job & Hire Immediately

Skip Posting a Job and Hire a Freelancer Immediately

In order to hire a freelancer, you will need a client account. Follow this link to sign up. If you already have a freelancer account, you can reach out to our support team on the website.

Log into your account and in the top right hand corner of the screen you will see, "Hire"/ "Post a Job"

Hire: Allows you to create a job and send an offer immediately to a freelancer on or off of the goLance platform. This is a good option if you already know who you would like to hire.
Post Job: Lets you post a job where applicants can view and apply. To learn more about this process, read the article on Post A Job

Click on "Hire" and enter the freelancer's information. You can add the email of the individual or search for their name.

You can add people who do not have a goLance account.

Choose who you would like to hire on behalf of. Is it yourself or a company that you own/ are a hiring manager of?

You can choose an existing job post that is open or leave it blank to create a new contract. If you are creating a new contract, you can add the title.

Choose between an hourly rate contract or a fixed cost contract and then fill in the relevant information based on the contract you have chosen.

Hourly: Hourly contracts are based on a client and freelancer agreeing on an hourly rate during the interview process, then having the freelancer log their working hours in the goLance goMeter desktop application.
Fixed: Instead of working on an hourly basis and logging hours to the goMeter desktop application, fixed-price contracts work based on one or more payment milestones. Payments of milestones can be set up for certain times during a project.

For more information about contracts and which to choose, please read our Hourly vs Fixed Cost Contracts article.

You can add instructions if you would like and then send the offer to the freelancer. From here, the freelancer will either accept or decline.

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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