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Troubleshooting Multi-Factor Authentication ( MFA )

Troubleshooting Multi-Factor Authentication.

Not Receiving the SMS Code

Sometimes, depending on signal, SMS verification codes can be delayed. This is out of goLance's control. We understand that this is frustrating and we would like to avoid this and is why we have brought in an option that will allow you to use an application for your codes instead. If you find that you are waiting for an SMS code, please change to using the authentication application.

You can do this by following this article

An invalid code.

Try entering the 6-digit code again. The code refreshes every 30 seconds, and as such, you may have input the authorization code after the timer has reset and the code expired. Restart your MFA app, reload your webpage, then re-scan the QR code to add it again, and enter the 6-digit code once more.

You may want to remove MFA from your account (your profile will be less secure as a result) please follow the steps listed here:

How to Disable MFA

Remember that without MFA enabled your account will be more at risk. We recommend and will require MFA to be re-enabled.

To add MFA back to your profile, follow the steps below.

How to Enable MFA

Should these steps not resolve your issue, please contact support via the chat box in the lower left corner of your screen on the goLance homepage

Lost Authentication Code:

If you have lost your authentication codes and backup codes, please reach out to our customer support team.

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Updated on: 28/11/2022

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