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Troubleshooting the goLance Mobile App

Mobile app is not loading

The number one cause of the app not loading properly is due to the loss of internet connection. Make sure your device has an active internet connection before proceeding. If the APP becomes unresponsive or is taking a long time to perform functions that would normally take less than a few seconds, then check your Wi-Fi or cellular connection. If this does not work, try restarting your device by powering if it off/on and trying again after your internet connection becomes active. Last, if that does not correct the issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app from your device. Contact goLance support if neither of the above actions corrects your issue.

Notifications aren't working:

If you are not receiving push notifications from goLance, the most likely issue is your mobile device's push notification settings. Check your device's notification settings and make sure goLance notifications are enabled and not turned off. If notifications are enabled and you're still not getting notifications, there may be an issue with your cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Unable to Receive Push Notifications

Push notification issues are some of our users' most common challenges. If you're not receiving these messages, you may need to change your notification settings.

Login Issues

Check out the tips below if you're having trouble logging in to the goLance mobile app.

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Updated on: 28/11/2022

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