This method deposits your goLance earnings directly into your bank account via different Payment Networks. This payment method uses existing regional networks (a.k.a. ACH, eCheck, International ACH, SEPA, EFT, etc.)

Countries Available:
Andorra (EUR), Australia (AUD), Austria (EUR), Argentina (ARS), Bangladesh (BDT), Belgium (EUR), Bolivia (USD), Brazil (BRL), Bulgaria (EUR), Canada (CAD), Chile (CLP), China (CNY), Colombia (COP), Cyprus, Czech Republic (CZK, EUR), Denmark (DKK, EUR), Dominican Republic (DOP, USD), Ecuador (USD), Egypt (EGP), El Salvador (USD), Estonia (EUR), Finland (EUR), France (EUR), Haiti (USD), Honduras (HNL), Hong Kong (HKD), Hungary (HUF, EUR), India (INR), Indonesia (IDR), Ireland (EUR), Israel (ILS), Italy (EUR), Japan (JPY), Kenya (KES), Latvia (EUR), Lithuania (EUR), Luxembourg (EUR), Malaysia (MYR), Malta (EUR), Martinique (EUR), Mexico (MXN), Monaco (EUR), Morocco (MAD), Nepal (NPR), Netherlands (EUR), Norway (NOK, EUR), Pakistan (PKR), Peru (PEN), Philippines (PHP), Poland (PLN), Portugal (EUR), Réunion (EUR), Romania (RON, USD), San Marino (EUR), Singapore (SGD), Slovakia (EUR), Slovenia (EUR), Spain (EUR), Sri Lanka (LKR), Sweden (SEK, EUR), Thailand (THB), Turkey (TRY), United States (USD), United Kingdom (GBP), Venezuela (VEF), Vietnam (VND).

goLance Fee:
$2 USD per transaction.

Payment Network Fee
Variable, usually $0-$9 per transaction.

Payment Network Currency Conversion Rate / Fee
Funds are converted from USD to your local currency at the exchange rate set by the Payment Network. goLance has no control over this rate, or the fees the Payment Network charges, but we do select the Payment Network that offers you the lowest rate and fees each time you make a withdrawal.

When you make a withdrawal, you will see the exact amount you will receive in your local currency before you agree to the withdrawal.

Time to Withdrawal
Up to 5 business days. The time can vary from 1-5 days from withdrawal to withdrawal, as we use different networks to get you the best rate. Some are faster than others.

Low and predictable cost, goes directly to your bank account.

Longer time to process vs. some other methods.

When to Use
This is the best method overall. We recommend you use it if it is supported in your country.
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