This withdrawal method deposits your goLance earnings into your bank account, directly from goLance to your bank, without using a Payment Network.

Countries Available:
Almost all countries in the world.

goLance Fee:
$2 USD per transaction.

Your Bank's Fee
$25 to $65 USD per transaction, but can be even higher in some cases.

Your Bank's Currency Conversion Rate
Funds are converted from USD to your local currency at the exchange rate set by Your Bank. goLance has no control over this rate.

Time to Withdrawal
Up to 5 business days. Usually slower than the "Bank Account - Local Transfer" method.

Can be used for countries where a local transfer is impossible.

High and unpredictable fees.
Longer time to process.

When to Use
This method will be suggested by the goLance withdrawal system only if a local bank transfer is not available for your country.
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