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Withdrawing to a Cryptocurrency Wallet (Bitcoin / Ethereum)

This withdrawal method deposits your goLance earnings directly into your crypto wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that enables users to send and receive digital currency based on blockchain technology.

Countries Available:
All Countries, All Oceans, Underground, in Virtual Reality, and even Outer Space.

goLance Fee:
$2 USD per transaction.

Cryptocurrency Network Fee
Variable mining fee, usually less than 1%.

Payment Network Currency Conversion Rate
We use the Wyre payments network to process all cryptocurrency withdrawals. They will convert your money to your crypto of choice at the current market rate. You will see the exact amount you will receive before approving the withdrawal.

Time to Withdrawal
Usually within a few hours, but sometimes we run additional fraud checks that can take 1-2 days in rare cases. Especially on your first time withdrawing to a crypto wallet, or if you are new to goLance.

Usually Fast.
Usually low fees.

Cryptocurrency prices are always fluctuating, so sometimes the amount you receive is slightly different than the withdrawal amount quoted, especially if we run additional fraud checks that take more time. This is because we convert to crypto after all fraud checks are complete, not before.

When to Use
If you are familiar with cryptocurrency and understand the benefits and risks.

Updated on: 09/11/2020

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