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Writing A Job Description

Want to find the best candidate for your open job?

It does not just happen by luck - well, maybe it can - But don't wait on luck! Find the ideal candidate now by posting the best job description for the role.

"The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional is hiring an amateur"

- Someone...

Remember these aspects of a good job description when you are writing up yours:


Your title will generally be the first aspect of the job description that a candidate will see. Be sure to hit the nail on the head with this. Remember what your ideal candidate will be searching for, try to think of the process through their shoes. Having your title be 'Word Ninja' may not attract ideal candidates, whereas having 'Content Writer' may attract exactly what you are looking for.
What skills does your ideal candidate have? Having these keywords in the title can be beneficial.


Think about that one time you were confronted with a wall of text that both scared and bored you. Now, remember that you do not want any of your candidates to feel this way when they see your job description. Think about the literal structure of the text and how best to portray the writing so that it is encouraging to read and simple.


Start with a simple overview of what the position is about and also how this position will accomplish the company's needs. Painting a broad picture for the candidate can give them a sense of direction and help them create a vision.

Duties and Responsibilities

The set of duties and responsibilities is a necessary list for explaining the job specification, however many job postings become dreary by having the boring job responsibilities in the position. Take time here. Remember, you want the best candidate to see themselves possibly working with and for you. Give them a reason. What are the more exciting job duties and responsibilities?

Qualifications and Skills

As before, this list is necessary but let us make it realistic. Asking an 18-year old for 5 years experience, the liver of a werewolf, and some stardust will definitely put a candidate off from applying. List the absolutely necessary qualifications and skills needed but otherwise, a long list of what would be preferred from the candidate is a surefire way to appear obnoxious and arrogant. The image of the company can also be affected here.
I would recommend that the job description lists the necessary skills and qualifications and then have one, maybe two points of what would be beneficial for the candidate to have as well.


What are the benefits of this role? List them, excite and entice the candidate to apply. Allow the candidate to imagine and visualize these benefits in their lives.
For example, let's say that the position means the candidate can work whenever they choose to work and not within specific hours. Paint this out for them in short and simple terms. Let them know that they have control of their own hours.

These are the basic components of a good job description, spend time on this now so that you can save time for yourself later. Here are some tips that you can also adopt through the job description:


Be clear and concise
You don't want to spend hours and hours reading over resumes and CVs. Candidates feel the same way about applying for jobs. Being clear can help make the process quick and easy.

Get second opinions
Get different team members to look over the final draft. A second eye can sometimes point out some valuable insights and create a whole new dynamic for job specifications that can serve the job description.

If you would like to know how you can help your candidate visualize themselves in the position, add subtle nuances of what the company's culture is like. Use the appropriate adjectives that can describe the atmosphere of the company.

Reread your job description. Just like recruiters analyze resumes, your ideal candidate will analyze the descriptions and notice grammar, sentence structure, and almost judge the validity of the role by looking at the job description as a whole.

You can be unique
Be innovative and different where possible. As opposed to asking the most generic questions that almost every job application asks for. How about asking for a video CV from the candidate, or requesting an unusual form of media to try to connect with the individual?

Writing a decent job description can really save a lot of time and truly assist in finding an ideal candidate within the job specifications. Follow this link if you would like to move on to learn how to Post a Job.

We hope that you have found this article worthwhile, if you have any notes or are confused, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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